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The first single-piece, cone-shaped, self-staking tree shelter.

Large agencies that annually plant a half-million or more trees need shelters that install quickly without heavy stakes or tooling. The Tree Sentry outperforms conventional protectors. It’s unique design improves seedling survival rates while speeding up healthy plant establishment.

The Tree Sentry
The Tree Sentry

At many sites where vast numbers of seedlings are planted each year, our testing confirms that using the Tree Sentry dramatically improves yields, leading to savings in overall project expenditures and more rapid seedling establishment in those locations.

Committed to helping restore nature.

Despite reduced federal funding, conservation agencies face increasing pressure to maintain forest lands, rehabilitate burned woodlands, and balance wildlife concerns while adequately managing a precious, renewable natural resource. As a result, tree shelters are becoming a more significant part of planting practices. Tree Sentry is working to improve the success of restoration projects.

While used primarily on tree seedlings, the Tree Sentry is great for gardens—protecting against rodents, frost, and damaging winds and helping maintain productive soils.

Give young trees a fighting chance.

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