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Less than 15 percent of planted seedlings survive more than three years.

We’re significantly improving those odds.

A revolutionary approach to tree and plant sheltering.

Early tree shelters consisted of cylindrical tubes secured to stakes, aiming to improve the early survival and growth rates for seedlings and other small plantings. That original design concept remains the foundation for most related products.

The Tree Sentry™ is novel in its approach to protecting plants. Its unique self-staking, cone-shaped design resulted from rigorous studying and testing. With a vastly improved approach to shape, materials, manufacturing processes, and installation techniques, the Tree Sentry has rapidly gained favor over old plant protection means.

Our patented method provides superior protection and ease of use.

  • Self-anchoring design requires NO TOOLS to install
  • Pushes into soil in seconds with no assembly or wire ties needed
  • Photo-degradable translucent base that protects from intense wind and sunlight
  • The generous diameter at the base and tapered conical shape allow for lateral branching of seedling
  • Shields against lateral drift of herbicides, airborne invasive species, and temperature extremes

Forest and conservation agencies use the Tree Sentry to improve seedling survival rates while balancing wildlife concerns.

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Additional Products

Browse Mesh

Browse Mesh

Protect against larger hungry animals by extending the Tree Sentry’s height to nearly four feet.

Weed Mats

Weed Mats

Stifle competing vegetation from getting started next to your planting while allowing moisture through.


Nutri-Pak® Fertilizer Packs

Give plantings the very best prospect for survival with these small packets of time-release fertilizer.


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